Contemporary culture

Kvadrat provides an inspiring, attractive and positive workplace with good working facilities to ensure the wellbeing of every person. With this in mind, we consistently focus on providing a safe and healthy working environment. In fact, we were one of the first companies in Denmark to put health on the agenda. In May 2012 Kvadrat was awarded for being 'The healthiest workplace in Denmark'. Four years earlier our Headquarters in Ebeltoft was health certified by Sports Confederation of Denmark.

Working for us you will receive a lot of personal responsibility, but we also expect you to be a good team player.

Contemporary culture
Kvadrat plays an active role in contemporary culture and we encourage our employees to take an active interest in design, architecture and art by organising events, trips to galleries and museums and occasionally providing you books on design, art or architecture.

Our culture
We aim to have an attractive and healthy workplace, to create good working facilities and take a high degree of social responsibility for every person.

We give people a lot of personal responsibility, as well as continual opportunities to perform in groups and on an individual basis.

Reflecting this, we aim to have as few rules as possible while expecting every employee to always be:

Commit to always be quality driven in all decisions and actions

Understand that we act from the thought ‘strong teams – one company’. We have ambitious and high performance teams, but first and foremost we care for and help each other across subsidiaries, departments and segments, where ‘We’ should always come before ‘I’

Be passionate in both your daily tasks on the job and in relation to the contemporary culture we are an integrated part of

Stay open-minded towards clients and colleagues, but also to change and our surrounding world

Be honest in all your communication, treating others with respect