Environment and quality

At Kvadrat, a responsible approach to our production and our processes is part of our corporate and design philosophy. Ever since our company was founded in 1968, we have had a strong focus on minimising our environmental impact throughout all processes from design to delivery, while ensuring a healthy working environment.

We develop, produce and market textiles and textile-related products of the highest quality. At the same time, we strive to continuously reduce our impact on the environment.

Our policy

We aim to maintain a good balance between strict quality standards,environmental concerns, social responsibility and our economy. We focus on ensuring that all our products and processes live up to this stringent approach.

In a number of areas, we go beyond existing legislation while respecting the necessary functional requirements. We also ensure that several of our products comply with the relevant EU Ecolabel criteria.

The standards we adhere to provide us with a framework for continually reducing the environmental impact of our production
and internal processes, minimising the unnecessary use of raw materials, and creating a secure and healthy environment for employees.

We apply strict standards to our suppliers. We require that our exclusive products are manufactured using high-quality methods. We also demand that the products and services they supply make a minimal impact on the environment. Likewise, we insist that our suppliers offer a healthy working environment.

In living up to these standards, we ensure that our management systems are efficiently implemented and are capable of supporting our organisation.

Our goals

We are focusing on new goals for the continuous reduction of our impact on the environment. Our goals are:  

Our product development

Within our product development, we prioritise high quality products with reduced environmental impact without compromising on design and price by continuously searching for the best possible alternative production methods and materials. Our processes and finished products all reflect a focus on enhancing the well-being of the people involved in production, as well as those who use the finished product and eventually dispose the product.

Our products

A number of Kvadrat textiles have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and we are currently working on getting more products certified. This includes textiles made of wool and as something new, also textiles made of Trevira CS. Furthermore, a large number of our textiles carry the GREENGUARD® certification, which is accepted by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Finally, all our Trevira CS textiles are made from yarns that are certified according to Oeko-Tex 100.

Our production

The majority of our suppliers, as well as our own production plants, are situated in Europe, and therefore comply with European legislation. Importantly, we can document that all our suppliers have fulfilled their obligations in relation to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) and all other relevant regulations and standards. As we are constantly seeking suppliers who are specialised in different materials, we have chosen to produce our innovative microfibre and recycled polyester fabrics in state-of-the art facilities in Japan and China respectively.

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers. 
The standards we adhere to are founded on a shared commitment to maximise quality, reduce impact on the environment, deliver good working conditions and focus on social responsibility.

To ensure we are achieving our common goals, we follow the performance of our suppliers in the above-mentioned areas very closely. We conduct biannual assessments of their performance, which we follow up with revised action plans.

Plus, we require that our suppliers report their performance to us on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, we regularly invite them to participate in seminars, where we discuss and explore new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our people

Our people are our key resource when it comes to creating responsible solutions and improvements to products and processes. Reflecting this, we maintain a consistent focus on offering a safe and healthy working environment, which contributes to retaining and attracting highly competent and socially responsible people.

Kvadrat was one of the first companies in Denmark to put health on the agenda, and in April 2008, the Kvadrat headquarters was health certified by ‘Dansk Firmaidrætsforbund’ (Sports Confederation of Denmark). This health certificate is concentrated on our work and health-focused initiatives. It requires structured goals and action plans, continuous follow-up and reporting, as well as external audits. In May 2012, Kvadrat was awarded for being ‘the healthiest company in Denmark’.

Our journey

At Kvadrat we are committed to playing our part in meeting the global challenge of climate change, and operating as socially responsible business. We believe our many different CSR
initiatives help us to achieve these goals. And, as technology evolves and new opportunities arise, we plan to introduce many more.

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