Noise, Masai und Sirocco by Kvadrat/Raf Simons

Following the success of the first Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection the range has been expanded with the addition of three new textile designs - Noise, Masai and Sirocco. Within these designs are also complimentary cushions and throws.

The collection builds on highly textured, tactile quality as well as the use of innovative colour blends inspired by Raf Simons’s work in fashion.

In this trio of new textiles Simons has investigated the potential of twill being distinguished by a strong diagonal pattern in the weave. This has been brought out to a greater or lesser extent across the three designs through the use of different coloured yarns.

With a rich, uneven texture inspired by high fashion bouclé textiles, Noise is a striking wool blend in which the strong diagonal stripe is broken up by flecks of sharp or neutral colour.

Masai is a finer, softly draping wool-blend cloth with a very pronounced ridged twill stripe. It unites glossy jewel shades of emerald, sapphire, quartz rose and deep ruby with mineral tones of granite, graphite, midnight blue and pale neutrals.

The finest of the three textiles, Sirocco is a lightweight wool blend in which the diagonal stripe, while still present, is less assertive.

The thirteen new cushion designs upholstered in Noise, Masai and Sirocco allow for the effortless combination of complementary colours and textures within the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection. Lastly, the new textile and cushion collection is complemented by new colourways in the Sigmar and Tronic throws.


New products

Ria by Raf Simons
The use of colour in Ria takes inspiration from Pointillism, the painterly technique through which vibrant fields of colour are built up through the application of pure pigment in precise, individual dots. Each of Ria’s colourways brings together three tones of yarn. The base of the textile is
Zulu by Giulio Ridolfo
Zulu is a light, transparent curtain fabric made from Trevira CS, designed by Giulio Ridolfo. It comes in updated colours and consistently reveals surprising nuances as the light changes.The textile is woven with an open leno-binding, which creates a pronounced texture, using fine, shiny yarns. Each
Dawn by Cristian Zuzunaga
Dawn is a dim-out curtain created by Barcelona-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga. It offers an updated colourscale, as well as excellent drapeability and light protection. Constructed with three layers, the textile’s dim-out effect is provided by weaving a black dim-out yarn between the front a
Foss designed by Tone Barnung and Louise Sigvardt
Foss is an upholstery textile with a vibrant yet simple expression uniting natural and man-made materials. Three to four different melange or unicoloured yarns – in different thicknesses – are combined in each colourway. The shiny viscose and thick linen yarns give the surface of Foss a
Burrow, Reap and Merger by Hella Jongerius
Burrow is hand knotted from soft, hand-spun, Tibetan wool. Its plush texture reflects three different levels of pile, running seamlessly from flat and finely woven to plush and soft, giving a contemporary twist to a classic high pile rug. Nuances of different shades of colour shimmer in the wool&rsq
Floyd and Floyd Screen by Åsa Pärson
Floyd is a discreet and precise upholstery textile designed by Åsa Pärson. It offers an optimal combination of man-made and natural materials: the durability of polyester yarns with the natural expression of undyed wool yarns.  The wool yarns, which are processed as little as possibl
Doshi Levien curtain collection
Doshi Levien have created a collection of four distinct curtain textiles for Kvadrat. Lake and Utopia are densely woven with a subtle, diagonal pattern while Rocket and Fiction are two knitted curtains with a playful, contemporary look. Initially inspired from hard and textured architectural surface
Fiord updated by Tone Barnung and Louise Sigvardt
Fiord is a versatile woollen upholstery textile with a subtle three dimensional look. Originally designed by Norwegian designer Tone Barnung, it comes in refreshed colours created in collaboration with Louise Sigvardt. The construction of Fiord combines a mélange yarn with a unicoloured yarn
Velvet Stripe and Lift by Maharam
Velvet Stripe is a new upholstery textile designed by Paul Smith for Maharam. A playful twist on a classic design, Velvet Stripe has a vibrant yet subtle expression of colour. The stripes repeat at varying intervals, emphasising a rhythmic play of density, colour saturation and proportion. The texti
Forest Nap, Stick Tree, Crystal Field and Frost Garden by Akira Minagawa
For his new collection of three upholstery textiles Stick Tree, Crystal Field and Forest Nap and curtain textile Frost Garden, Akira Minagawa interpreted different natural patterns. Woollen Forest Nap is an upholstery textile, which can be described as the base textile in the Akira Minagawa collecti
Reflex, Pulsar and Fuse by Kvadrat/Raf Simons
Raf Simons’ third collection for Kvadrat explores the stripe in upholstery textiles, taking its inspiration from Modernist furniture, Pop and contemporary art, fashion textiles and music. In the new designs Reflex, Pulsar and Fuse, the stripe theme is carried out in varying degrees of graphic
Kvadrat Roller Blinds by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
The Kvadrat Roller Blinds, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, enables you to optimise your indoor climate and introduce beautiful textiles to interior spaces. With the Bouroullec’s usual attention to detail, clever solutions and sensitive colour choices, the made-to-order system combines
Landscape by Hella Jongerius
Landscape is inspired by artists’ attempts to render vistas of the natural world in paint. Designer Hella Jongerius has incorporated different yarns, pile heights and special edges in finer wool to give the feeling of ‘a paint brush on a canvas’. The rug combines organic expanses w
Fringe by Daniel Costa
Fringe is constructed by weaving brightly coloured wool yarns with two different shades of grey – a charcoal and a lighter smoke colour. The result is by turns bold and understated, as the primary colours fuse into monochromatic blocks. The raw grey tones are evident at the edge of the design
Bright Grid, Bright Angle and Bright Cube by Maharam
Bright Grid, Bright Angle, and Bright Cube are upholstery textiles designed by Scholten & Baijings in collaboration with Maharam. They epitomise the designers’ keen sense of colour and singular approach to refined geometric patterning.  The Bright textiles are designed to be combined
Molly 2 by Åsa Pärson
Naturally coloured Molly 2, an update of Molly, is an upholstery textile with a delicate and simple appearance designed by Åsa Pärson. It comes in three new bindings, as well as the original plain binding, and 15 colourways of which 11 are new. Molly 2 is also softer than before. The idea
Mi Casa and Casita by Cristian Zuzunaga
Mi Casa and Casita are two graceful curtains designed by Cristian Zuzunaga. Both combine glossy melange yarns and matte unicoloured yarns in a minimalistic panama binding. While they share these characteristics – and complement each other – they express colours in a distinctively individ
Argali and Dew – two new rug designs by Danskina Design Director Hella Jongerius
In a palette of six colours typical of Nepalese yarns, this high-quality kilim rug has been hand woven from special Tibetan wool from Argali – a wild sheep breed that resides in the Himalayan mountains. The yarns themselves have been handspun by local weavers, and their naturally faded colours
Cocoon by Hella Jongerius
Cocoon brings unexpected dimension to the classic woven rug. Designer Hella Jongerius sought to ‘create a layered and tactile woollen landscape with soft knots’, which are accentuated by a generous border. Long, pure wool yarn has been spun from two colours in either statement contrast o
Cross collection by Hella Jongerius
In the Cross collection, Hella Jongerius has reinterpreted the traditional tufted rug in a way that creates unique visual interaction between the rug and the floor underneath. The series begins with Cross Cut, a design in which the whole surface of the rug is formed as an open grid, the geometric li
Hero designed by Patricia Urquiola
Hero is a full-bodied upholstery textile designed by Patricia Urquiola. It particularly stands out for its uniform look and feminine, yet sporty colours. Though Hero is a woven textile, due to its finishing treatment, it has a felt-like surface, which is smooth and directionless. As a result, t
Umami collection designed by Louise Sigvardt
Umami is a durable upholstery fabric designed by Louise Sigvardt, which comes in three vibrant yet calm expressions. Made from 90% wool, Umami, Umami 2 and Umami 3 are hardwearing. Consequently, they are well-suited to contract use, and also works well in private homes.Umami was the starting point f
Ace designed by Louise Sigvardt
Made from recycled polyester, Ace is an opaque curtain with a sustainable footprint.  The textile is the result of Louise Sigvardt’s expertise in colours, patterns and fashion design fused with a technologically advanced material.To produce Ace discarded plastic bottles are collected
Tonus Meadow designed by Nina Koppel
Tonus Meadow is an evolution of the classic Tonus fabric, which was created by textile artist Nina Koppel in the 1960’s. It is characterised by its two different expressions and intriguing colour richness. Woven from an elastic combination of 90% wool and 10% Helanca, the textile is, like Tonu
Tonus designed by Nina Koppel
Tonus 4 is a colour update of Tonus, an elastic upholstery textile by late textile artist Nina Koppel. Ideal for modern organic furniture and characterised by rare colour richness, it comes in a total of 47 hues, of which 19 are new.Now recognised as a classic textile, Tonus brings colours to life i
Noise, Masai und Sirocco by Kvadrat/Raf Simons
Following the success of the first Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection the range has been expanded with the addition of three new textile designs - Noise, Masai and Sirocco. Within these designs are also complimentary cushions and throws. The collection builds on highly textured, tactile quality as well a