Aarhus, Denmark 2016

The new headquarters of Danish clothing company BESTSELLER consists of five individual buildings connected by a bridge-like hall. Placed in the heart of a new 22.000 m2 office building, seven differently sized meeting rooms are placed on a row – looking like a bridge floating above a large atrium. The dynamic company demanded flexible meeting rooms that would work for formal meetings as well as dynamic sales events. Interior architects RIIS Retail have designed the meeting rooms with monochromatic themes – to give each room a unique atmosphere and at the same time link them by concept. L-shaped benches make it possible to transform the layout to suit different meeting scenarios.

A wide range of Kvadrat textiles were used for furniture 
and curtains throughout this project. In order to enhance the monochromatic themes in the meeting rooms, only 
one type of textile, including Rime, Tonica, Canvas, Umami, Remix and Tonica, has been used for chairs, benches and curtains. Steelcut has been upholstered on acoustic panels for the office furniture. The company’s large, open-space canteen and restaurant is divided into 9 unique seating areas – all with their own individual concept and detailing. Divina Melange, Remix and Sunniva were used to upholster HAY’s About a Chair.

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