Acting responsibly, thinking circular

Respect for nature has always coloured how we do things at Kvadrat. So has curiosity and enthusiasm for the innovation that follows it. Today, with the need to reconsider the way we design, produce and consume more pressing than ever, we are building on these values to push the boundaries of sustainable textile design.
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Our products

At Kvadrat, we consistently push the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of textiles. Our versatile collection reflects our commitment to colour, simplicity and innovation, and we regularly collaborate with some of the world’s best creative thinkers and talents in exploring the use of textiles.

Re-wool – a sustainable upholstery

Crafted using 45% recycled wool, Re-wool is a rich upholstery textile with a sustainable profile. The textile is partly made by reusing scraps from Kvadrat’s yarn spinners in the UK
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Interwoven: the fabric of things

Explore stories and commentaries from contemporary culture in Interwoven: the fabric of things; an online magazine dedicated to telling stories about our world of contemporary culture from an independent, in-depth and critical point of view.
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In use

Kvadrat textiles play an important part in commercial, public and domestic interiors around the world. Our extensive collection meets the needs of designers and architects in the spaces they create and have been used in such iconic architectural developments as the Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Guangzhou Opera House in China.

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Kvadrat acquires Verosol and launches a new business entity Kvadrat Shade in collaboration with global window coverings specialist Coulisse

The collaboration is official per 7 February 2019
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New curtain collection by Margrethe Odgaard

Panorama, Diorama and Suite are three new elegant satin-woven curtains designed by Margrethe Odgaard. They explore the relationship between stripes, colours and bindings in an intriguing, individual way.
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We are hiring!

We are always looking for talented people who are motivated by responsibility, have the desire to work as individuals and as part of a team and who are passionate about the world of contemporary architecture and design. 
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