Caruso St. John creates new design studio for Kvadrat Soft Cells in Copenhagen

In a bold, yet simple move, British architects Caruso St. John refurbishes a historic warehouse in the industrial harbour of Copenhagen, using purely spruce throughout a clever system of sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling shelving to house Kvadrat Soft Cells’ new, airy design studio.

With four windows on its long side facing the docks, the six meter high space, spanning 2 floors is bright and lofty to accommodate the core team from Kvadrat Soft Cells carrying out their special combination of acoustics research, design development, prototyping and communications.

In collaboration with Kvadrat Soft Cells, Caruso St. John chose a mis-matched collection of loose furniture, European classics from the 1960s classroom along with more recent pieces.

The project is meant to provide a flexible background for Kvadrat Soft Cells to pursue its ambitious and ever evolving plans. I think, so far, it is working.” Caruso St. John.

Kvadrat Soft Cells design studio
Orient Plads 1
2150 Nordhavn
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