Field 2 by Alfredo Häberli

Designed by Alfredo Häberli, Field 2 is an upholstery textile characterised by intriguing colour combinations and an intricate chequered pattern. Originally inspired by the classic Kvadrat textile Hallingdal 65, it comes in an updated palette that offers 22 new colourways.

Field 2 showcases Alfredo Häberli’s exceptional talent for creating vibrant, surprising combinations of unicoloured yarns. It is woven with double weft and warp threads in different colours.

Due to the nature of man-made fibres, it is difficult to create complex, melange blends within the yarn. However, Alfredo Häberli has overcome this challenge with Field 2 by uniting unexpected, graceful tones for each colourway. For instance, mint with dusty pink and earthen brown with electric blue.

The expression of Field 2 is elegant yet dynamic. Initially, the fabric appears uniform, but get closer and intriguing details and intricate blocks of colour begin to emerge from its surface to eye-catching effect.

Alfredo Häberli has also included a selection of characterful alternatives to black in the palette. These include olive green, dark navy and midnight grey. Flame-retardant and robust, Field 2 offers excellent performance properties. Consequently, it is well-suited to public and private spaces alike.
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