Hint by Giulio Ridolfo

Hint is a screen fabric that has been specifically developed for wall panels, desk screens, room dividers and other low-abrasion surfaces. Hint has been developed for architects who desire a resource-efficient textile for decorative surfaces. As it may only be specified for low-wear usage, it can be produced using less material than upholstery fabrics.

Designed by Giulio Ridolfo, it stands out for its natural look and timeless colours. Densely woven, Hint has a smooth, rich feel. Its refined expression derives from a special yarn. This only partly absorbs dye, creating a melange expression that is reminiscent of wool or linen.

The colour palette for Hint is characterised by gentle, natural nuances, such as cool greys, dusty blues and warms greens. It also offers a few bolder, warmer notes like ochre.
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