Horizon by Akira Minagawa

Best known for his romantic minä perhonen fashion label, Japanese designer Akira Minagawa now extends his poetic approach to the design of Horizon, a densely hand-tufted rug featuring more than 1.9 million bamboo viscose yarns per square meter.

I try to design clothes so that they last for a long time and improve with everyday use,” says Minagawa. “I do not want to be just a fad or give a strong impact that does not last. I think of rugs in the same way: I think of the charm and allure that it will acquire over a long time.

Horizon’s deep and richly coloured surface is due to the hand-tufted bamboo viscose, which gives an ethereal shine across the different coloured fields. As the yarns wear down over time, the rug develops a silk-like patina.
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