Melange Nap by Akira Minagawa

Melange Nap is a woollen upholstery textile characterised by exceptional depth of colour and surprising details. Designed by Akira Minagawa, it offers a distinctively unique melange expression.

Akira Minagawa: ‘Melange Nap transforms an interior into ‘scenery’ within its space. The colour compositions are inspired by six elements from the natural world: Forest, Sun, Ocean, Minerals, Earth, and Dune. Each expression of the textile harmonises with its surroundings in an individual way, while creating a sense of the peace that comes from nature.

Suitable for public and private spaces, Melange Nap comes in a number of colours derived from upholstery textile Forest Nap, also designed by Akira Minagawa. Consequently, they combine particularly well.

Take a closer look to Melange Nap and Forest Nap here