Gentle by Febrik

Gentle 2 is the only knitted stretch velvet upholstery textile on the market. Designed by Febrik, it comes in a refreshed colour scale and combines an inviting presence with a sumptuous, soft pile.

The textile is constructed by knitting loops through a base layer and subsequently shearing the surface. Thanks to a subtly striated surface which derives from the naturally irregular thicknesses of the woollen yarns, Gentle 2 features a rich surface with an elegant shine.

Gentle 2 has a particularly opulent feel as it is laminated onto a 2mm thick base foam. This ensures the textile stands out with a voluminous expression that sets it apart from traditional woven velvets.

The updated colour palette neatly compliments Gentle 2’s soft, comfortable expression. It comprises light pastels and clear bright hues, such as lavender, cream, tangerine and electric blue.

Suitable for public and private spaces, Gentle 2 offers excellent stretchability due to its knitted construction. Consequently, it clings to curves in a particularly elegant way and is ideal for upholstering organic shapes, as well as any other form.
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