Plecto by Febrik

Plecto is a pioneering knitted mesh textile with a woollen surface. Designed by Febrik, it has a sporty, multidimensional expression that brings associations with hi-tech sportswear.

Extremely comfortable, Plecto combines two contrasting layers: a meshed surface predominantly crafted from wool and a base layer made from polyester. This gives the textile a unique look which explores, and changes with, perspective. As it stretches over furniture, the holes in the mesh open to reveal glimpses into its construction.

The palette for Plecto is carefully calibrated to complement the design’s fresh, technical character. It ranges from masculine dark notes and subtle neutrals to bright highlight tones.

The three-dimensionality of the textile is particularly pronounced when combining two contrasting colours, while other colourways have a more subtle, tone-in-tone appearance.

Typically for a knitted textile, Plecto offers excellent elasticity and is therefore an optimal choice for organically shaped furniture. Due to its two contrasting layers, it is ideal for mixing and matching and in combination with calmer, unicoloured textiles.

Plecto is suitable for public spaces and private homes.