Scrap_CMYK by Rikako Nagashima for Kinnasand Lab

Scrap_CMYK is a curtain collection created by the Japanese graphic designer Rikako Nagashima for Kinnasand Lab. It comprises four designs and a plain base fabric made out of 100 % recycled polyester.

With Scrap_CMYK, Rikako Nagashima takes inspiration from, and gives new life to, ‘waste’ test-print paper sheets and their accidental patterns. These are produced during the off-set printing process when fine tuning colours.

The collection unites the aesthetic, graphic expressions of the paper sheets into a digitally printed series of curtains, which are characterised by surprising designs and intriguing rhythms.

The marks left by the printing machines vary in intensity, depth and precision: some are virtually invisible or bleed organically; others are more clearly defined blocks and stripes. Curiously, this imbues the designs with an almost painted expression, as well as a particular dimensionality and depth.

The woven ground material for the curtains is made of specially developed 100 % recycled polyester, which is produced from used plastic bottles. This has a crepe-like character reminiscent of matt, sandy paper and chimes with Rikako Nagashima’s concept of transforming end-of-life into new life.

The colour concept for Scrap_CMYK precisely matches the inks used in the off-set printing process: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). Each of the designs is solely linked to one of these specific colour settings.

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