Segmented Stripe and Mingled Plaid by Paul Smith

Segmented Stripe and Mingled Plaid are the two latest results of the collaboration with the celebrated designer Paul Smith and Maharam.

Refined Segmented Stripe interprets a classic menswear pinstripe with bold, irregular bands of brilliant colour. Each one of these is created using a brocade technique and is slightly raised due to layering. The palette is drawn from traditional menswear hues, and combines a number of lively, saturated accents.

Mingled Plaid offers a modern take on Scottish heritage plaid. The textile continues Paul Smith’s interpretative approach to apparel themes using imaginative twists and elevated constructions.

The design boldly reinterprets the traditional features of a plaid — such as a rectilinear pattern, worsted wool yarn and a twill construction—through scale and colour. It is crafted in Scotland by expert weavers who specialise in wool.

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