Twill Weave by Jonathan Olivares

Twill Weave brings a contemporary interpretation to the classic woollen twill upholstery textile. It is crafted by American designer Jonathan Olivares.

Originally designed for the Twill Weave daybed, which Jonathan Olivares created in 2016, Twill Weave features the same weave pattern as carbon fibre – the material used for the bed’s frame.

Twill Weave derives its full-bodied structure from thick, voluminous woollen yarns. It is constructed with a traditional twill binding, using meticulous production processes to ensure exceptional colour precision.

Jonathan Olivares: “To develop the colours, I looked to pigments – like the charcoal grey of carbon – that occur naturally within the earth’s crust. The resulting colourways bear the colours of the earth, and are conceptually and
visually linked with carbon fibre.

Like the natural materials they are based on, Twill Weave’s colourways deliver different levels of contrast. Some appear almost unicoloured and offer subtle reflections; others look more striped and have a three-dimensional expression.
See the Twill Weave colourways here