Oeko-tex 100

Oeko-Tex® is among the world’s leading certifications for textiles, a so-called health certificate as the finished product is tested for hazardous substances. The criteria for Oeko-Tex® 100 are more rigorous than those set out by law and specifically concern the content of chemicals which can cause, or are suspected of causing, skin irritation, allergies, cancer, damage to the nervous system and internal organs, or reproduction. The list of considered chemicals is regularly updated and adapted.

Oeko-Tex® 100 is a voluntary label controlled by the Oeko-Tex® Association which evaluates and sets the requirements for the product certification. The association consists of 15 textile institutes represented in 38 countries. In Denmark, Teknologisk Institut is responsible for Oeko-Tex® certification.

All our Trevira CS textiles are made from yarns that are certified by Oeko-Tex® 100.
For more information please visit www.oeko-tex.com