At Kvadrat, a responsible approach to production and care for the wider environment has always been a part of our corporate and design philosophy. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact in all aspects of our production: from the important stages during design and manufacturing where the decisions we make can have a huge impact on sustainability, all the way through to the delivery and use of our textiles. The afterlife of textiles, what happens to them when they come to the end of their useful life, is an area with increasing potential and we are currently working on how we can make textile afterlife a significant part of our cycle of sustainability.

Creating healthy environments and making a positive social impact in all we do is another part of our sustainability agenda. People-orientated and social projects can make a positive impact on our environment in many different ways. This aspect of our sustainability work begins in our local environment and includes the wellbeing and health of our employees, and then extends outward into a globally significant program of projects and initiatives.

As our company continues to grow, we want to build upon our achievements. We are currently expanding our environmental responsibilities, investing in the research and development of new pioneering processes and creating evermore-innovative textile designs.

Our objectives

  1. We will document our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives by committing to the UN Global Compact and issuing an annual COP (Communication On Progress) report.

  2. We will continue to insist that our suppliers focus on reducing their impact on the environment and delivering healthy working conditions by issuing bi-annual assessments and action plans.
  3.  We want to increase the number of our textiles certified with the EU Ecolabel to 75% of Kvadrat wool textiles certified and 50% of our Trevira CS upholstery textiles certified.

  4. We will bring new products to market that can be recycled as at the end of their lifecycle. Through an exciting part ownership of recycled textile product REALLY, we will launch new textiles made from textile waste.

  5. We pledge to continue to monitor our textiles for unwanted substances, measure our consumption of energy and water and participate in external sustainability work.