As we are present in more than 25 countries, Kvadrat offers opportunities to work in an international environment with colleagues from around the globe. Working in Kvadrat, you benefit from the advantages of an international company: different countries, different cultures and different people and opportunities for an international career.
Meet some Kvadrat people:

Vanessa Chavez, Country Director Australia

'I like the trust they have in people at Kvadrat. There is no omnipresent rule at Kvadrat instead giving a blend of challenge and support to grow your markets'.

Vanessa Chavez, Country Director Australia, has worked at Kvadrat for 14 years.

Anna Ebbesen, Design Manager for Retail

‘I work as Design Manager for Retail, and amongst others tasks, manage the collaboration between Kvadrat and Raf Simons. I enjoy the diversity in my job which allows me to work with such a diverse group of inspiring and passionate people.

Kvadrat as an organisation is quite flat – one minute you are in the warehouse speaking to a colleague in the stock department and the next minute, you are collaborating with a designer on creative developments. There are these amazing contrasts and we are all part of this constantly evolving and creative environment where everybody plays an import role’

Anna Ebbesen, Design Manager for Retail, has worked at Kvadrat for 5 years.

Tommy Rasmussen, Leon Grøn & Martin Witt, Order Expedition

'It is the colleagues, the people here that makes this such a nice place to work. Our bosses have got broad shoulders, they can take a joke'.

Tommy, Leon and Martin have worked 20, 2 and 7 years respectively in the Order Expedition.

Jan-Simon Treuner, Retail Sales

'In every single thing I do, I believe that we are inspiring people to create their personalised home identity. I believe in creative thinking and authenticity. The way we give individuality is to produce the best qualities, timeless design with a long life – character. Which is what happens to make the most beautiful textiles and rugs.

Kvadrat is the most honest way of expressing personality - that's the reason why I am working for Kvadrat'

Jan-Simon Treuner, Retail Sales, has worked at Kvadrat for 10 years.

Flemming Christensen, Purchase and logistics manager

'I like the fact that Kvadrat is a family business. You are never too far from a decision making. The management are only a few doors away, and there is a lot of trust in people here'.

Flemming Christensen, Purchase and Logistics manager, has worked at Kvadrat for 22 years.

Annette Wellendorph Warmdahl & Stine Wickie Werner Hansen, Sample Expedition

I like the physical activity. I am tired when I come home but there has not been a single morning when I wake up and don’t look forward to go to work’.

Annette Wellendorph Warmdahl, Sample Expedition, has worked at Kvadrat for 13 years.

I like the colleagues, the friends I have made here. You are really valued. It feels good to be able to help others, and that my colleagues appreciate my work’.

Stine Wickie Werner Hansen, Sample Expedition, has worked at Kvadrat for 5 years.

Laurent Weiler, Finance Manager

'Kvadrat is a family business. You are always close to a decision, and you are able to influence a lot'.

Laurent Weiler, Finance Manager, has worked at Kvadrat for 3 years.

Jan Rasmussen, Manager of the Stock Reception

‘At the time I started at Kvadrat in 1979 we only made a fraction of what we are making today. If we managed to sell for a million a month we celebrated with champagne and pariserbøf (Danish specialty including beef and raw egg)’.

Jan Rasmussen, Manager of the Stock Reception, has worked at Kvadrat for 37 years.

Ulla Elisabeth Møller, Customer Service

‘We are very good at cooperating in our team and across the organization. Our products are inspiring and exiting to work with. I have also been lucky to spend a year working in our showroom in Oslo’.

Ulla Elisabeth Møller, Customer Service, has worked at Kvadrat for 10 years.

Doris Yang, Sales Manager China

‘When I started with Kvadrat in China there was nothing here. No employees, no office, no backup. Our work was like building bricks. It was simply about going out and creating relationships with clients’.

Doris Yang, Sales Manager China, has worked at Kvadrat for 6 years.