Garden of Wonders by Werner Aisslinger

imm cologne 2016, Cologne

Garden of Wonders has been created to showcase new products from Kvadrat, Danskina and Kinnasand and illustrate the breadth of textiles and colours in an unusual and exciting way.

Aisslinger says: 'Kvadrat is the brand designers love for the sophistication of their products and the care Kvadrat takes in the projects, ideas, conceptsand continuous research they undertake. To experience a complete Kvadrat colour collage in an exhibition space, we came up with the ‘Kvadrat cabin house’ – a small piece of architecture dressed as a collage in a wide range of fabrics. Here, all storage elements are conceptualised in a very new spirit: the curtain rack, the rug rack and the shelf are fresh ways of presenting Kvadrat’s textiles in a ‘Garden of wonders’ created from the material.'