Paul Smith

Recognised as one of the most successful British designers in history, Paul Smith combines a flair for eccentric detail with the highest standards of craftsmanship. His work combines humour, mischief, and a love of tradition, an unmistakable Englishness and the unexpected. His diverse output includes clothing, textile designs, furniture and jewellery.

Today his fashion empire, of which he is both chairman and chief designer, is global: his collections are wholesaled to 35 countries across the world. The Paul Smith textiles offered in the Kvadrat collection are designed in collaboration with Maharam. 


Bespoke Stripe

Pewter 0006

Epingle Stripe

Olive 0005

Herringbone Stripe

Raven 0005

Mingled Plaid

Cadet 0004


Cyan 0016

Segmented Stripe

Parchment 0001


Syncopated Stripe 0003

Velvet Stripe

Olive 0005