Graphic Thought Facility | Divina Calendar

Graphic Thought Facility like to experiment with non-standard materials and production methods, and in this case that has taken them beyond their usual work in print media. “We enjoy exploring the physical possibilities of design, which has naturally extended our work into product, exhibition and environmental design,” they explain.

For this project they have created a perpetual calendar in textile, designed to mark the passing of time without being tied to a specific calendar year. “Our design draws upon many of Divina’s properties: the fantastic breadth, richness, and harmonious range of its colours, its sensual drape, and visually warm, milled surface that allows it to be cut precisely without fraying.”

Each day the top sheet is removed, and the matrix of holes that define the numerals allows the viewer to glimpse the layers of time to follow, revealing a pattern of colour combinations that changes daily.

Graphic Thought Facility is a London-based design consultancy with an international reputation for appropriate and original solutions. The underlying principles behind the GTF approach are clarity, simplicity, and a belief that functional need and emotional response demand equal consideration.