25hours Hotel Zurich West

Zurich, Switzerland
ADP Architekten, Zurich
Alfredo Häberli (interior design)

Kvadrat textiles by Alfredo Häberli have been used throughout the 25hours Hotel Zurich West, where the acclaimed designer has designed every aspect of the interior in his signature vibrant style.

Alfredo Häberli created over 60 products for the hotel, ranging from bespoke curtains to door handles and chairs. His custom-designed furniture features in all the hotel’s 126 rooms and suites.

Like other 25hours hotels, Hotel Zurich West has been designed to integrate with the local environment outside, while on the inside it tells a design story built from narratives inspired by its location. Reflecting this, the interior concept incorporates Alfredo Häberli’s knowledge of Zurich, which is his hometown: for example, his personal sightseeing recommendations appear, seemingly at random, throughout the building.

All the hotel’s furniture is upholstered in different colours of Divina 3, Highfield, Plot, Field and Steelcut Trio. The curtains for the public spaces and conference room are made from Plot and Field; these feature custom-designed, laser-cut patterns. In the guest rooms, the curtains are made from Divina 3 and Air 4.

I first worked with Kvadrat in 2006 when I designed their Milan showroom. Since then I have created several upholstery and curtain textiles with the company. Our relationship is excellent: it is as amicable as it professional.

When this project came about, I only wanted Kvadrat to supply the textiles. After all, they offer exemplary support and technological excellence, which makes them a dream to work with.

The delicately detailed motifs on the laser-cut curtains are a testimony to Kvadrat’s ability to produce innovative textiles of the highest quality. On the ground floor, the curtains feature abstract plants, trees and bushes, reflecting that we worked a lot with plants when designing the interior of the hotel. The curtains on the first floor reference Lake Zurich: they feature ships and motorboats, and geese and swans
’, Alfredo Häberli.


Divina 3


Steelcut Trio 3


Field 2


Air 4