Camper Together

Majorca, Spain
Camper design team

As part of the ‘Camper Together’ initiative, Camper has created versions of the iconic Pelotas shoe made with Hallingdal. The Majorcan-based shoe company featured these in two consecutive collections. Camper Together is a model for collaboration between Camper and leading designers. The goal is to create exclusive products and outstanding stores by combining different cultures and creative know-how.

Camper Pelotas is an internationally recognised design. Inspired by pioneers of sports, each Pelotas model is created to have its own personality. More than 10 million people around the world have, at one time or another, walked on the 87 balls that comprise its distinctive sole. 

A legendary shoe was combined with an iconic fabric: Hallingdal in subtle and vibrant colours was used to create timeless versions of Camper Pelotas for Camper’s AW2013–14 and SS2014 collections.


Hallingdal 65