Microsoft BV Head Offices

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
SevilPeach, London

SevilPeach has chosen Kvadrat textiles to be used throughout Microsoft’s head offices in Amsterdam. For the project, SevilPeach created a design concept focused on driving interaction and collaboration, which reflects the flexible functionality offered by the company’s software.

In doing so, SevilPeach met Microsoft’s requirement for a newly branded interior that is transparent, democratic and customer friendly.

Furniture: Hallingdal, Divina, Divina Melange, Tonus, Steelcut, Flora
North Tiles: Divina, Divina Melange, Tempo, Steelcut
Fabric Walls and screens: Divina

Time and time again we find ourselves specifying Kvadrat fabrics in our projects. Their project support is personal as well as professional; passion and commitment seems to be within the DNA of the company, I call it a company with a heart.

Their fabrics are architectural, unfussy and well thought through. Their texture, intensity and depth of colour are heart-warming. You want to touch them and feel them. Whilst the origins of their colour ranges are often found in nature, they are so extensive and subtle that they are also almost unworldly,
’ Sevil Peach


Hallingdal 65


Tonus 4


Divina 3


Divina Melange 3


Steelcut 2