La Neuveville, Switzerland
atelier oï 

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen for Moïtel – the new HQ for atelier oï, the acclaimed Swiss architecture and design company.
Formerly a motel, the building has been radically redesigned to accommodate the company’s architects, designers, engineers and visitors. Inside, a creative production line links different disciplines and the objects created with the materials they are derived from.

The interior design captures some of the nostalgic charm of the original motel: the furniture and interior furnishings feature materials that were in vogue when the motel was originally built. On the other hand, most of the partitions are created from soft furnishings, which gives the interiors a domestic feel and makes for better acoustics.

Curtains made from Divina Melange in three different colours were used to mask storage areas. Divina Melange was chosen for its weave, phonic absorption characteristics, and the fact that it can be used without the need for sewing. In addition, Divina Melange matches the design concept by recalling the 1960’s style of the original motel.

'We chose Kvadrat because we are very aware of the excellent design and quality of their products – and the wide choice of colours they offer. Divina Melange was perfect for the application we needed: the way the fabric falls and regulates the humidity of the air, plus its phonic insulation performance made it the ideal choice. It helps to give the Moïtel’s atmosphere a very particular character.' atelier oï


Divina Melange 3