Gravity | Teruhiro Yanagihara

Curves that convey a sense of gravity.

This series of wall-mounted shelves has beautiful lines that make use of the soft characteristics of textile. When the shelf is empty, the textile draws a naturally curved line. When an object is placed onto the shelf, the line will change according to the shape of the object. The shelf creates movement, expressing the nature of the Canvas textile. Even when it is not in use, Gravity is present on the wall like an artwork.

Teruhiro Yanagihara (Japan, 1976) established his company in 2002 to develop his own identifiable design vision. Ever since, he has been contributing ‘borderless’ designs for national and international clients. His projects cross boundaries and cultures to form encounters between contemporary design, industry and Japanese craft. Yanagihara’s clients include OFFECCT, Sweden; Pallucco, Italy; Wallpaper*, UK; Kimura Glass, Japan; Sergio Rossi, Italy; and LESS IS MORE Co., Ltd, Japan.

As a creative director Yanagihara was responsible for launching the furniture brand Karimoku New Standard, the TYP by Morpho collection of leather items, the ceramics brand 1616/arita japan and 2016/– Arita Porcelain’s joint project between Saga prefecture and The Netherlands.