Lumina is an innovative tufted rug featuring tightly packed shiny wool loops, which flow across its surface. Designed by celebrated designers Felix Diener and Ulf Moritz, it has a highly original graphic and ‘designed’ look. The distinctive shine and colour richness that characterises Lumina comes from the two types of yarn used in its construction.

One of these is a special New Zealand wool yarn, which is felted directly in the spinning process. Consequently, unlike most woollen yarns, it can be used to create loops, which are particularly smooth, clean, round and shiny. The other yarn is a polyester braid, which is also very smooth. This adds an elegant sheen and second colour dimension to the rug’s surface.

As you look at shiny loops that play across the surface of Lumina, different matt and gloss tones emerge from the different yarns, as the light or your perspective changes. This effect gives the rug a particularly individual and vibrant look.