Dune width 150 to 200 cm


Originally designed by Ulf Moritz, Dune is now available in a new colour palette created by Giulio Ridolfo. The new colours recall walks in Skagen in the extreme north of Denmark, with sea views, blue skies and ever-changing dune formations. Both Moritz and Ridolfo took their inspiration from the landscapes, and indeed, Dune’s structure is also reminiscent of an aerial view of a recently ploughed field.

Dune can also be used as a wall-hanging; its striking aesthetics and the superb sound absorption qualities of pure new wool lend a serene and calming effect to any space.

Moritz designs are often characterised by texture, light and a sense of motion and he wanted to show how these characteristics would translate into a rug design. Made using a fusion-bonded production process Dune has a strong, structured finish with a 10 centimeter end-loop – a reference to textiles. The end result highlights the raw nature of the wool felt.