Wire Tough


Wire is a pioneering rug developed by Studio Linse, which offers an elegant fusion of structure, material and colour. It is the first rug to feature Tencel®, an innovative material made from eucalyptus wood from a replanting project. Surprisingly soft to the touch, it has, as its name suggests, a high-tech, metallic expression.

There are two versions of Wire, which are both made from a combination of wool and Tencel®: Wire Gentle and Wire Tough. The difference between them is the amount of Tencel® in the yarn.

Made from 70% wool and 30% Tencel®, Wire Tough also features a looped surface but is made using thicker yarns, consisting of three threads. This gives it a more robust look than Wire Gentle. In addition, the percentage of Tencel® varies between the yarns used in its construction, which creates eye-catching differences in colour and shine across its surface.