East finds its beauty in simplicity and in handmade imperfection and is handwoven from a single rope. After much experimentation, this pure, simple design emerged from finding a rhythm in the weaving technique. Once the warp is constructed, the rope is woven continuously through it, both ends coming together in a lanyard knot in one corner.

Made by skilled weavers from Northern India, the result is a thick, warm, durable and reversible rug suitable for both domestic and commercial use. When designing East, Karin was inspired by the weaving technique of the Chinese knot: a complex shape completely created out of one single rope.

Knotting has been a handicraft art in China since the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese knot design visualizes harmony, which finds its heritage in Confucianism (still strongly prevalent in Chinese thinking and daily life), and symoblises good fortune. It can be seen everywhere, whether on the facade of a small shop, as a decorative element on a light, in fashion and in art.