Best known for his romantic minä perhonen fashion label, Japanese designer Akira Minagawa now extends his poetic approach to the design of Horizon, a densely hand-tufted rug featuring more than 1.9 million bamboo viscose yarns per square meter.

Horizon’s deep and richly coloured surface is due to the hand-tufted bamboo viscose, which gives an ethereal shine across the different coloured fields. As the yarns wear down over time, the rug develops a silk-like patina.

Each design includes a large, plain section in one colour, a 2 cm horizontal stripe in another, and a third field in a mélange of the two shades. Working with just two colours to create three different fields results in a harmonious trinity across the design, with natural colours clearly inspired by landscapes.

Horizon is soft to touch, highly durable and environmentally sustainable. It is also antibacterial, antistatic and nonallergenic, making it a perfect and calming addition to private interiors.