Castillo is a study of scale and elegance. Inspired by Cristian Zuzunaga’s move back to Spain after living in London for 17 years, its design marks his return to what he describes as ‘my metaphorical mandala – the castle’.

Reflecting this source of inspiration, Castillo ‘dissolves’ the classical squared pattern: it features, in a large repeat, differently sized squares and rectangles in neutral colours, which overlap and blend into each other. These shapes are balanced and highlighted by a grid of thin coloured lines,
in an accent colour of either coral or pink or yellow or white.

The squared pattern in each colourway is made from a minimum of five different colours but thanks to the fusion of nuances and shapes it offers, many more tones seem to emerge from the curtain.

Like Casa, Castillo is woven in a plain weave and made from shiny melange yarns, which offer outstanding colour richness. These create a refined, irregular play across the surface of the textile, and shimmer or appear matt depending on the lighting conditions and the look of the interior where they are used.