Rennes and Chainette are two sculptural, graphic curtains designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. They share the same base pattern, which was originally designed for a room divider at an exhibition of their work in Rennes, France.

Rennes features wide, diagonal and vertical, densely stitched stripes which intersect, creating eye-catching geometric forms. Where the stripes meet and overlap, shapes of varying transparency are created, which dissolve into each other.

As conditions change over the course of the day, Rennes and Chainette play with light and shadow, consistently revealing new, subtle nuances. This effect is enhanced when they are draped. Rennes and Chainette also share a handcrafted expression that is accentuated by small irregularities on their surface. Although produced using the most precise production methods, random elements and loose yarns cannot always be avoided and are a result of the curtains’ complex construction.