Crafted by design duo Doshi Levien, Lila and Raas are vibrant upholstery textiles with an exceptional colour story.

Both Lila and Raas combine two voluminous unicoloured yarns: a regular yarn in the weft and an irregularly textured slub yarn in the warp. This gives them a tactile, lively surface that has a bouclé feel and the cool touch of linen.

Though the textiles share the same construction and combine well, they are markedly individual. Whereas Raas is densely woven with a precise gridded expression that is balanced by the slight irregularity of a slub yarn, Lila has an ikat-like, striated pattern and a more relaxed character.

To realise their vision, Doshi Levien mixed more than 100 gouache colours by hand, then hand-painted them onto samples. These were used as reference in production to dye the yarn with great accuracy – resulting in sophisticated, elegant colours that cannot be found in any existing colour systems.