For all our brands we strive to develop products of high quality – products that add value to public and private spaces.

We ensure that we are visionary by constantly exploring and challenging the capabilities of textiles and developing products that have equal emphasis on aesthetic appearance, technology, content and market potential.

Kvadrat handwriting and inspiration
The term ‘handwriting’ is a combination of the designer’s and Kvadrat’s DNA. The cooperation is based on a dialogue between the two. Within this dialogue is the respect for each other’s original idea. We believe that it is through the dialogue between the designer and ourselves that the renewal begins.

We highly treasure the colours of the textiles. Kvadrat has its core strength in the wide knowledge of colours. We are constantly renewing our colours and are always ahead of different colour expressions. We value the simplicity in our textiles, meaning the precise and pure expression in the design. The design should achieve both a present and futuristic look, without losing its historical origin.